Dear Sirs,

 We mainly build special-order, custom-design catamaran racing boats.Our 
objective is to meet our clients needs and desires. We need you to pick a 
catamaran from our web-site to start and then , we will discuss with 
you,what do you want to do with it.
       Bottom of the hull will stay the same. Upper body of the boat,we can 
chance as your desire. Like better cockpit design(an additional side to side 
sit or front to back sit,etc.) and the slick-looking individual canopies.

       We do not work with stock but I have 2 demo race boats As soon as you 
order we start to build boat.We finish usually within 40 days to 60 days.

        If you would have any further questions ,please do not hesitate to 
contact us.We remain to hear from you soon.

       Best Regards,